Soulja Boy Fires Floyd Mayweather, Hires Evander Holyfield To Coach Him

Soulja Boy thanks Floyd Mayweather,Jr. for his services and convinces Evander Holyfield to coach him for his upcoming boxing match instead.In the latest episode of the gripping saga involving Soulja Boy and Chris Brown, the Mississippi rapper fired his coach, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. to hire another former boxing champ, Evander “Real Deal” Holyfield to train him. Big Soulja and C-Breezy are set to clash at an upcoming celebrity boxing match sometime in March,possibly in Dubai.TMZ reports that theDracorapper got help from the fight promoter, Wack 100, to convince Holyfield to coach him. The rapper felt that Mayweather was too busy with other things — possibly the rumored fight with Conor McGregor. Wack 100 hooked up the two and Soulja told the boxing great he was serious about “knocking out” Brown. The retired puncher replied he should train more and talk less but said he could get him in top shape for the fight. The identity of Holyfield’s one-time nemesis — Mike Tyson who’s training Chris Brown — didn’t come up during the initial conversation.


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