Omg! Checkout This New P3nis Implant That Will Alert Your Cell Phone When Your Partner Is Cheating



How many will actually buy this and whatever happened to “TRUST”? Reports has it that there is a new p3nis implant will alert your cell phone when your man is cheating. It is reported that Microsoft and Apple have joined forces to cut down on infidelity, save marriages and keep people in relationships accountable for their actions.Together, the technology giants have created a “genitalimplant” that will alert your cell phone if your partner goes astray. It is called Commit-TechCommit-Tech is a tiny chip that will be implanted at the tip of the p3nis on the man and the vulva of the woman.These two microchips will be syncedtogether with an app that is installed on your cell phone. If at any time, one of these chips is involved in any s3xual activity without the other chip, it will alert the partners cell phone that the other rumping up.The chip will be compatible across all devices…CCNA’ers, will you buy this chip?See Photo Below:


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