Barron Trump Defended By Chelsea Clinton: ‘He Deserves The Chance To Be A Kid’


Barron Trump, 10, has a defender in former First DaughterChelsea Clinton, 36.  While he has stayed out of the public eye for the most part, Barron was front and center at his fatherDonald Trump’s, 70, presidential inauguration Friday, Jan. 20. “Barron Trump deserves the chance every childdoes – to be a kid,” Chelsea wrote before adding, “Standing up for every kid also means opposing POTUS policies that hurt kids.” Wow.Chelsea took an admirable stance against people who have been saying unkind things about the ten year-old includingRosie O’Donnell’scommentstheorizing Barron was autistic. Awriter for Saturday Night LiveKatie Richalso got in hot water after tweeting, “this country’s first homeschool shooter” in reference to Barron. Chelsea also managed make her feelings known concerning President Trump’s policies going forward. She clearly wants to stand up for kids everywhere.Barron Trump deserves the chance every child does-to be a kid. Standingup for every kid also means opposing@POTUSpolicies that hurt kids.— Chelsea Clinton (@ChelseaClinton)January 22, 2017Well in any case, Barron charmed plenty of people over the course of the inauguration. Viewers loved watching Barronplay peek-a-boo with his cute little nephewas his father signed his first executive orders. “Barron Trump playing peek a boo with his nephew honestly is the sweetest thing don’t tellme otherwise,” one user tweeted. We agree!Click Here To See More Pics FromThe Inauguration Fans might not get to see too much of Barron in Washington because he will return to New York City for school on Monday, Jan. 23. He’ll finish out schoolwith his mother Melania, 46, in the Big Apple. The two will then join the President in the White House come September and Barron will go to schoolsomewhere in the Washington D.C. area. It’s so nice to see the Trumps want Barron to make a smooth transition into this new life.


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