[Video]Justin Bieber Blasts The Weeknd After He’s Spotted Kissing Selena Gomez: He’s ‘Wack’ — Watch

Justin Bieber just blasted The Weeknd’s music and you just have to see what JB said!
While Justin Bieber, 22, had “no comment” about his ex Selena Gomez, 24, new relationship with The Weeknd, 26, back on Jan. 15. He certainly had something to say about Sel’s new man and his music on Jan 20. When asked if he could listen to a song by The Weeknd, Justin had a shady response in a new video from TMZ. CLICK TO SEE THE VIDEO HERE!
“No I can’t listen to a Weeknd song!” Justin said as he got into his car. When Justin was asked why he wouldn’t be throwing on any Starboy tracks he just said, “That sh*t’s wack.” Whoa. That was harsh! Justin definitely has some strong feelings about Selena’s new found romance.
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Things are totally getting tangled up in all the drama surrounding Sel and The Weeknd’s new relationship. Justin and Selena dated on-and-off for years and things did not exactly end well. The two got into a little feud back in August 2016 after Selena commented on Justin’s Instagram of Sophia Richie, . He said just wanted “attention” she claimed he “cheated.” Yikes!

It’s not much better on The Weeknd’s side of things because he was seen with Selena only two months after his relationship with model Bella Hadid, 20, ended. Of course, Selena is also friends with Bella’s older sister Gigi Hadid, 21. It’s so complicated!

Reportedly, Gigi has been trying her best to broker peace between Bella and Sel. “She’s one hundred percent supporting Bella and has told her she’ll do whatever she think is best. But down the road, when feelings have cooled off, Gigi does hope they can all sit down and talk this out,” a source previously told us



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