Madison Beer shuts down Haters After Pics Of Her Period Stain Go Viral: ‘I Am Female & Proud’

Madison Beer isn’t going to let anyone shame her for a regular female issue! The Justin Bieber protege took a lot of heat when she bled through a white bathing suit while on her period, but herresponse will totally empower you! Check it out.You go girl! Almost every young lady has been in this position before: your period starts without warning, or it’s a little heavier than you were expecting, and it leaks through a beloved article of clothing. That sucks pretty bad, but it’s even worse when you’re beingfollowed by paparazziwhile frolicking with your boyfriend in your sexy white bikini, and you bleed through it!Madison Beer: See Pics Of The SingerThat’s what happened toJustin Bieber’sprotegeMadison Beer, 17, and some truly terrible people decided it would be funny to mock her on social media for the mishap. Instead of freaking out or going into permanent hiding after the embarrassing situation, she confronted the problem head-on.“This is so wild thatthis is a big dealto some people,” she began in an Instagram caption. “Girls get their periods. Girls sometimes bleed thru tampons because periods can be extremely unpredictable! If you’re saying it’s gross, uncleanly, etc etc u should probs get your head outta your ass and focus on bigger damn issues other than someone having a period stain. I am not a robot. I am a female. I am a human & I am proud.It’s sad how the majority of people who said that are girls who probably have their period. She is human!! God bless— bringbackollg(@bringbackollgx)January 8, 2017
Oh my god, she’s such an inspiration! Anotheramazing thing? Her boyfriend, YouTuberJackGilinsky, was totally sweet and supportive about the whole thing and not grossed out at all. That’s a real man! Keep shutting the haters down, Madison!


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