Bella Hadid’s Dad Comforts Her With Sweet Insta After The Weeknd PDAs With Selena Gomez

This is so sweet!Mohamed Hadid, 68, posteda darling picture on Instagram to remind his daughterBella Hadid, 20, no matter what she’ll always be daddy’s girl. The Internet pretty much exploded on Wednesday Jan. 11 after pictures emerged showing Bella’s exThe Weeknd, 26, locked in embrace withSelena Gomez, 24. This shocking development came just afterrumors Bella might get back togetherwith her ex.“Daddy’s little Girl. I love you to the moon andback one thousand and one times,” Mohamedwrote. How adorable is that? “You are the starthat lights up the moon,” he added with some cute star and moon emojis. The picture showed Bella laughing on a red carpet as her dad gave her a hug.

Thank goodness Bella has the love and support of her family. The model’s ex The Weeknd was seen smooching Selena Gomez at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica on Jan. 10. Ouch! Looks like there’s drama brewing after Bella unfollowed Selena on Instagram. Things might be getting confusing as “Starboy” singer still isn’t totally over Bella!“The Weeknd still has feelings for Bella [Hadid] because she knows him as the performer AND as Abel — not many people do,” the source said. Aw no this sounds like someone’s feelings are going to get hurt! We’re just hoping Bella is doing okay. Selena and Bella were at least on friendly terms before the scene outside of Giorgio Baldi. Thegirls even posed for some cute squad pics in Sept. 2015. Yikes!


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