Soulja Boy taunts Chris Brown By Posing With His Ex: ‘I F***ed Yo B*tch’ — Pics

If you’re hoping the feud between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown slows down, don’t hold your breath. Soulja launched a whole new war with his rivalon Instagram, telling Chris that he ‘f***ed’ his ‘b*tch’ — aka the girl in his pics. Click through to see the posts.Soulja Boyis aware this woman is a real person, right? The rapper, 26, posted three Instagram pics on January 7 torile up his nemesisChris Brown, 27, saying that he sleptwith his ex. Or, more specifically, “Aye Chris I f***ed yo b*tch,” as he captioned the first photo. Dude.We’re pretty sure Chris hasn’t caught wind of this, because he hasn’t responded yet. Soulja knows this is going to set him off! Soulja’s first photo shows himself posing with an extremely pretty girl, who’s wearing a low-cut black shirt and has impeccable makeup. If Soulja’s actually dating her, he’s one lucky man!

The next two pics are collages of Soulja and the pretty girl cuddling and getting close. In each collage, one square is an old photo of Chris at a USC game with her, presumably so Soulja can prove to his followers thatshe was once with Chris. That’s cold — and a little petty, if you ask his followers. “This is sad really, you’re reaching for something. Youlook desperate,” one follower wrote. “All I wanna know is at the end of the day how much u spend on that [collage]!” another commented.Chris Brown — See PicsSomeone told him to “grow up,” and gently reminded him that he was supposed to be fighting Chris soon! Is egging him onthrough mean social media postsreally something heshould do before throwing down in the ring? “Quit talkin and let’s see if u can fight,” a commenter wrote. Yikes. We feel for the girl he’s with. She probably doesn’t appreciate that the guy she’s potentially dating is parading her around like a trophy!


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