Camila Cabello already Recording Solo Album even Before Quitting Fifth Harmony??

As we all learned throughFifth Harmony’s scathing open lettersaboutCamila Cabello, the 19-year-old had been planning onleaving to become a solo artist well before before herofficial Dec. 19 departure. It turns out that she’s already been working with producers and songwriters on her own album for most of 2016, all with her record label’s blessing! The ladies in 5H have contracts structured asindividual solo deals,Billboardmagazine revealed Dec. 21, thus they were free to record outside of the group.The music mag confirms that, “Epic Records has been planning a Cabello solo album for the better part of a year, putting the Camila in the studio with such hitmakers asBenny BlancoandDiplo, in addition to songwritersMadison Love(“Bad Things”),Johnny MitchellandAmarr, and producersFuturistics(“Bad Things”) and Serm (Sean Paul’s “No Lie”).” Camila and Diplo, 38,have spent a ton of time together throughout 2016, as she wasshown on his Snapchat recording music with him back in March. From pics on her social media, they were at it again in Sept. as well. It was almost as if the pair was making it known loud and clear that they were working on music together, and it didn’t include the rest of Fifth Harmony.Pics: Camila Cabello’s final performance with 5H“The album is well on its way, with sessions booked through January. Camila’s first solo single could be out as soon as March or April with an album to follow in the summer,” a source tells the magazine. How exciting! Nothing like striking while she’s still hot and fresh in our minds, but that’s got to be such a blow to the rest of the girls in 5H to know she’s moving on so quickly.


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