Bella Hadid blasted On Instagram For Being ‘Too Skinny’ — See Body ShamingPic

Bella Hadid, 20, is about as flawless as they come, however social media trolls still found a reason to diss the way she looks. The model treated fans to a stunning black and white photo on Dec. 21, showing her posing against a palm tree in a sizzling two-piece and sarong. Sadly, the haters made their presence known, flooding cruel remarks about her weight in the comment section. One user wrote, “How much cocaine to Abel [Makkonen Tesfaye] did you do to have such a figure. Queen I have no explanation,” while another said, “Ewwww Nasty…Too skinny for me. She looks sick.” They didn’t stop there, one even added, “Eat some food.” So mean!Luckily, Bella has the last laugh, as her sky-rocketing career continues to reach new heights. She recently received the honor of being the cover girl forPapermagazine’s “Outspoken” Winter 2016 issue. On the smoldering cover, the statuesque beauty rocked bleach blonde locks and flaunted her nipple ring. In addition to that, Bella is makingher very own exclusive clothing collection with the brand, Chrome Hearts! She’s also fresh off the runwayfrom the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, where she walked alongside her sisterGigi Hadidfor the very first time on “I was really surprised, but definitely excited,” Bella toldPapermagazine about being cast inthe star-studded show. “I tried last year [to be cast in] the show [but] I think everything happens for a reason.” Bella and Gigi were overcome with emotion after having that incredible experience together, especially since they’re the first siblings cast in the same show! As forher haters, we hope they can remember the saying: if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all!


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