Why Don’t We: New Boy Band Drop Adorable ‘Just To See You Smile’ Video— Watch

So, who are Why Don’t We?Jonah Marais,18,Jack Avery, 17, Zach Herron, 15,DanielSeavey, 17, andCorbyn Besson, 17, make up the band and pretty much, they’re your next obsessed. On December 16, the adorable newguys dropped the music video for “Just To See You Smile,” and it’s absolutely incredible! The video and the song’s lyrics show how much they do for their fans.The band recently performed at Webster Hall in New York City, with opener Tiffany Houghton, and the crowd went absolutely crazy for the guys — so it’s a good thing they decided to form the band just a few months ago.“I started as a solo artist and met these guys later down the line on some social media tours and other events. At one point, this idea was brought about to maybe become a groupbecause we have the same musical influences and aspirations,”Jack recently told Teen.comabout the way the band got together.That’s actually how they came up with the name, since they thought, “Why don’t we start a band?”“We all kind of grew up with [Justin Bieber] in a way,” Jonah said. “When we were young, wesaw him doing his thing and that was cool. Now as he’s growing up as a human being and we all are kind of inspired by his new album. It’s so good and it’s sohimself. It’s good to see that.”


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