Gucci Mane Accuses Angela Yee Of Trying To ‘Get On His D*ck’ In Savage Interview — Watch

Yikes! Gucci Mane appeared on ‘The Breakfast Club,’ and had a pretty awkward exchange of words with co-host Angela Yee! He accused her of desperately flirting with him and things got TENSE from there. See the interview here! Well, this is awkward!Gucci Mane, 36, paid a visit toThe Breakfast Clubon Dec. 16, to talk with hosts,Charlamagne Tha God, 36, DJ Envy, 39, andAngela Yee, 40, about his new music and more. The interview was definitely interesting, but it took a weird turn when Gucci recalled a time when Angela had tried to make a pass at him!Gucci Mane: See Pics Of The Rapper With His Fiancee Keyshia Ka’oirAfter Gucci admitted that he had some sort of“history” with Angela, Charlamagne asked therapper if he had “smashed” her. Angela and Gucci both said no, but Gucci confessed that Angela “had tried.” “She was on my d*ck backthen.” Ouch! Angela quickly interjected to defend her honor. “That was a lie. We were cool. I was not on your d*ck, stop it,” she demanded. But Gucci didn’t stop. “I’m not lying,” he said. “She text me like, ‘what hotel you was at?’ You don’t remember that time we did that interview a long time ago withMelissa Ford, and you was calling me?”Gucci Mane and Angela Yee hada very weird exchange of words on The Breakfast Club— Hardys® (@HardysMedia)December 16, 2016Angela Yee tried to talk to Gucci Mane and got called out i’m weak— Naurel(@oooLaLa_)December 16, 2016Omo gucci mane cleared angelayee in that interview.. Wiizzzoopp!— Abdul Ahmed (@DemolaAina)December 16, 2016Angela Yee did not have to lie lol. You could tell by Gucci Mane’s face that he was telling the truth— Supreme Lil Bean (@WasssupAsia)December 16, 2016“That was definitely not me,” Angela fired back. “I don’t know who it was then,” Gucci hitback. As DJ Envy and Charlamagne continued to laugh hysterically in the background, Angela tried one last time to clear up the story. “That must have been somebody else. I swear on my life, on my unborn child, I have never hit Gucci asking him what hotel he’s in.” Luckily, the conversation turned to a lighter topic, but not before Charlamagne stated that he’s never “known Gucci to be a liar.” That was pretty embarrassing!Well, this looks like a serious case of “he said,she said.” We may never know what actually happened between Gucci and Angela, but it’s definitely a thing of the past. Now, Gucci is engagedto his longtime girlfriendKeyshia Ka’oir. The rap icon proposed to her during an Atlanta Hawks game in Nov. 2016 with a huge 25-carat, diamond ring. That’s insane! As for Gucci and Angela, let’s hope the two letbygones be bygones.


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