‘The Voice’: Justin Bieber Rooting For Billy Gilman — ‘Sorry Blake Shelton, I’m Team Adam’

ApparentlyJustin Bieber, 22, is a big fan ofThe Voice! The “Sorry” singer took to Twitter before the first night of thebig finaleon Dec. 12 to let the world know that he’s throwing his support firmly behind former child music prodigyBilly Gilman, 28.Hey Blake…sorry.#teamadam. Good luck Billy.#comebackstoryhttps://t.co/H1WdQJk3bV— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber)December 13, 2016“Hey Blake…sorry. #teamadam. Good luck Billy,” he tweeted on Dec. 12. Of course,Adam Levine is Billy’s mentor while his buddyBlake Sheltonis responsible forcountry croonerSundance Head.Justin also revealed that he’s a huge fan of Billy for the same reason everyone else is: they love a good comeback! He capped off the tweet with the hashtag “#comebackstory” to prove that he’s fully invested in the season 11 of theshow.‘The Voice’: See Pics Of Season 11 ContestantsWe can totally understand why Justin would be a big fan of Billy. They both rose to fame when they were SUPER young! Justin was just 13 years old whenUsherdiscovered him,and Billy was just 12 when his first single “One Voice” became Top 20 hit on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in 2000. So, Justin fully understands what it’s like to be in the spotlight so young, and he probably just wants to see his comrade come back!


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