Bella Hadid Missing The Weeknd? She’s Caught Looking At Photo Of Him Kissing Her

Whoa! Bella Hadid was recently seen taking a serious stroll down memory lane! A fellow model caught her staring at a photo of her ex The Weeknd kissing her, while on a flight to Paris forthe Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! Could it be that Bella is hoping she and The Weeknd will get back together? Getthe scoop here!Bella Hadid, 20, definitely didn’t seem to be over her exThe Weeknd(real nameAbel Tesfaye), 26, when she was caught looking ata photo of him kissing her on Nov. 27. Bella was on a plane with the otherVictoria’s Secret modelsheaded to Paris for the upcoming fashion show when fellow modelKelly Gale, who was seated behind her, took aSnapchat video of her looking at the telling photo.The video shows a girl (allegedly Bella) holding her phone out while looking at an image of what appears to be her and The Weeknd kissing. A fan then reposted Kelly’s picture accompanied by a close-up and the original pic of the ex-couple kissing. “#bellahadid looking at a photo of her and#abeltesfaye while on the VS plane yesterday.note: their breakup has never been official confirmed by them/their people and theyre acting exactly as they always have so its totally just a rumour,” the fan continued. “I think its promo planted by VS for the show (aka its all a stunt) but either way I dont think its real. caught on snapchat: kellybellyboom1.” Looks like this fan doesn’t believe the two, who reportedly broke up in early November after 18 months of dating, aren’t actually over. After all, they were seen having a ratherfriendly night outin Paris on Nov. 28!


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