Drama As ‘Jesus’ Is Caught In the Forest Eating Wild Fruits With His Wife In Kenya

The man pictured above is an Australian man from Perth who shares a striking resemblance with the popular image Christians believe to be Jesus Christ.Mr Daniel recently came to Kenya on a tourist visitand ended up causing a stir after many people besieged him thinking he was the biblicalJesus.But the man has time and again said he is nowhere near the Messiah and insists he only shares the name with the popular image of biblical Jesus and nothing else.When Daniel was first sighted in Nairobi walking barefoot, the IT technician was inundated with requests for selfies with some saying he was indeed the Son of God who promised to come back as a thief, without announcing his arrival.Some also joked that he should be crucified, comments which did not go down well with Daniel who insisted he was just a mere adventurous sojourner out to explore various parts of the world.He just crossed over from Ethiopia he said and is now in Kenya where he has suddenly become a an instant celebrity.He has even shocked many after he was seen at a local Nairobi club smoking sheesha!Daniel is accompanied by his wife and both wereseen sampling wild fruits at Kereita area in Kijabe.A Kenyan couple has also hosted them.


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