Chrissy Teigen’s Shocking Wardrobe Malfunction: Flashes Privates At AMAs — Pics

Whoa, looks likeChrissy Teigen, 30, may have slayed a little too hard at the American Music Awards on Nov. 20. The stunning supermodel was at the show to support her husbandJohn Legend, 37, during hisemotional “Love Me Now” performance, but all eyes were on her when she accidentally flashed her crotch during a major wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet!.Chrissy’sslinky black dress was dangerousto begin with, with two slits cut high above her tummy showing off her insanely toned long legs and flat abs. The slits were secured with only one little pin on each side, and apparently they couldn’t handle the big job of keeping her privates, well, private. When she turned to the side and one of the flaps of her dress caught around her ankle, it exposed herentire – impressively well waxed – ladyparts. Yikes! that’s any woman’s nightmare, even if you’re one of the hottest women in the world.AMAs: See Best Moments From The ShowLuckily Chrissy handled the situation with grace and quite honestly, she had to have known she was running a risk here. The whole side of her booty was exposed to beginwith! Luckily, she’s no stranger to flaunting her curves. The beauty rose to fame after herSports Illustratedcover with two other beauties went crazy-viral, in which she showed off her derriere for the world to see. Also, we can’t help but mention that this woman gave birth SEVEN MONTHS AGO and she looks amazing enough to rock a dress like this. Wardrobe malfunction or not, we’re counting that as a win.


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