Liam Payne & Louis Tomlinson Wrote ASong Together & Directioners Are Freaking Out

Liam Payne, 23, and Louis Tomlinson, 24, are listed as authors and composers for a registered song called “Something That Scares Me About Love.” An eagle-eyed fan noticed the collaboration, and the news spread like wildfire on Twitter, with One Directionfollowers freaking out that two of the boys seem to be working together again.It’s unclear who will be singing the song or the exact extent of the guys’ collaboration, but we do know that Liam just signed a solo record deal, so perhaps this is a track for the upcoming album? As for Louis, he’s beenenjoying life as a fathersince 1D went on hiatus last December, and hasn’t announced any career plans in recent months. But maybethis is his first dabble into solo work of his own?! See the fan reaction here:Louis and Liam, apparently, wrote a new song: ‘Something that scares me about love’.I’m not ready.— SweetCheeks&BabyCake (@StormOfLove_)October 24, 2016OMG LIAM AND LOUIS WROTE A SONG TOGETHER OMFSHFKEKNCJE IM— spooky camryn(@relentlesspayne)October 24, 2016Liam & Louis registered a song called ‘Something That Scares Me About Love’ IS LOUIS HELPING LIAM DID THEY MEET UP RECENTLY I NEED TO KNOW— This Town (@tattedstylesx)October 24, 2016The song ‘Something That Scares Me About Love’ has beenregistered and both Liam and Louis wrote it. THIS SONG WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME— This Town (@tattedstylesx)October 24, 2016After taking some time off on a much-deserved break, the 1D guys are really getting back into the swing of things once again. Harry Style, 22, spent weeks working on his acting debut in Dunkirk, a World War II film due out next summer, while Niall Horan, 23, shocked fans by unexpectedly dropping a song called “This Town” earlier this month. He’s even set to join the U.S. Jingle Ball tour later this year to play the track, and promised to have more new music coming.Louis Tomlinson — SEE PICS

Meanwhile, Liam has been spending lots of time with his girlfriend, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, 33, who’s actually rumored to bepregnant with his child,and Louis is living in L.A. to be near his son, Freddy. Of course, it definitely puts a smile on our faces to know that these two have not only been keeping in touch…but working together, too!

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