Tom Cruise Epically Acts Out Entire Film Career In 9 Minutes With James Corden — Watch

Tom Cruise, 54, has had one amazing career that spansseveral decades now. So, it doesn’t seem possible that it could all be condensed into just nine minutes. But, when Tom came on The Late Late Show on Oct. 19,James Corden, 38, was so excited to have him there that he decided they should give it a try. And OMG are we so glad they did because the 10 minutes they spent acting outall of Tom’s films were nothing short of brilliant.Katie Holmes In New York Without TomCruise — PICSTom and James went through everythingfrom the classics, like Top Gun, Cocktail,Risky Business,Mission Impossibleand Jerry Maguire, to the bizarre cameos, i.e. Tropic Thunder. It was hysterical watching James and Tom throw on costumes and tear them off, grab props from off stage and throwthem back, and have the scenery change behind them faster than you can sayBorn on the Fourth of July. We could not have been more impressed. Oscars all around!At the end, James turned to Tom while they happened to be acting out Jack Reacher and said the first film had been so good, they should make a sequel. That’s when Tom hilariously turn to the camera and told us thatthey had in fact made a sequel and it would be coming out on Oct. 21. It was so perfect! We have to say, only A Few Good Men, like Tom and James, could have handled such an intense comedic task. Great job guys!


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