There is confusion in Aso Rock, popular Archbishop says

Archbishop of the Enugu Ecclesiastic Province, His Grace, Dr Emmanuel ChukwumaReacting through an interview he granted Daily Sun, the clergyman praised Mrs Buharifor raising the alarm that a cabal has hijacked the government of the husband.“This is to show that Aso Rock is in confusion, because when this type of thing begins to happen between husband and wife that are supposed to be leaders of the nation, then that tells you that things are notright in the nation, and it is a very serious national disgrace when they begin to expose themselves like this. It means that the two don’t agree because right now, the husband said, “I don’t know the party my wife belongs,” and the woman is saying thatthe man as far as she is concerned has neglected those who campaigned for him and was left in the hands of few cabals.“Who are those cabals? It is what we must ask. But it is quite clear that Buhari with what he is doing has no clear agenda. Somepeople must have been controlling the few agenda for their own selfish ends, and that is why we have not got any solution to Nigeria’s problems. So, it is high time we began to ask, where are we going Nigeria?


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