Priyanka Chopra Rocks Wet Hair For ‘Conde Nast Traveller’

The Indian-born ‘Quantico’ star looks sexy while making a statement on the cover of the October / November issue of ‘Conde Nast Traveller.’ Get more infoon her beauty look below!Priyanka Chopra,34, graces their “Indian Edition” cover, looking as flawless as ever.The star is rocking a wet hair look — super trendy and in style. In fact,Kim Kardashian Westrocked avery similar wet hair lookat the2016 MTV Video Music Awards in August.The look is super sexy and sultry. Along with her wet hair, Priyanka’s makeup was gorgeous. Her eyes and brows were really dark and defined. Her lips were matte, and stood out with a lovely raisin-colored lip.Priyanka Chopra Pics — Stunning Photos Of The StarHer white t-shirt on the cover had four words. Three were crossed out — refugee, immigrant, and outsider. One word remained uncrossed — traveller.Priyankatold the magshe is right at home among the clouds. “Yes, [flying is] my favoritetime. I use it to sleep, especially on the 16-hour Mumbai to L.A. flight. You can sleep eight hours and still have eight hours when you wake up. I read scripts and decide what films I’m going to do. And I usually land and head straight to work. For example, when I was finishing work onBajirao Mastani, I also was taping forQuantico. EvenBaywatchI shot on the weekends ofQuantico. I have nine passports! I’m on at least six flights a month.”As far as picking a home base, she can’t! “I’m more of a West Coast kind of girl. I like the chill of L.A.. But I’m a nomad. And look at the world we live in today, we can literally get on a plane, go somewhere for five hours, have lunch, and come back. Why do you have to commit? I have commitment issues anyway.”


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