Donald Trump Appeared In Playboy Film Flirtatiously Photographing A Model — Watch

In the footagerevealed by CNNon Oct. 5, of apreviously unseen 1994 softcore adult film,Donald Trump, 70, is seen taking pics of Playboy models with a Polaroid camera and interviewing one wannabe cover girl. Donald flirts with the model, telling her he thinks she “has what it takes” to make it into the magazine. He then joins a group of photographers taking snaps of her posing on a piano. This is now theSECOND Playboy adult filmthat Donald has been revealed to have played a role in. Ick!See pics of Donald Trump protestThis comes just one week after Donald was slammed by many for attacking Alicia Machado, the former Miss Universe who he called “Miss Piggy,” over heralleged “sex tape.”And, oh ya, only a few days after the first porno was revealed. While he didn’t show up naked in either of these films, they arestilladult films. Not really something that goes hand-in-hand with being president. In the first flick Donald is shown in front of a Playboy-branded limo and popping open a bottle of champagne with a slew of Playmates standing around him. Classy, Donald.We’re really having a hard time wrapping our heads around the idea that Donald is slamming someone for allegedly having a sextape, when it’s now been revealed that he’s been in TWO adult films. Wow. We wonder how voters are gonna react to this.


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