Cristiano Ronaldo Is The Best Dad – Acts As ‘Ball Boy’ At 6-Year-Old Son’s First Game

This is too cute! Cristiano Ronaldo, 31, jumped into action at his sonCristiano Jr.’s, 6, first soccer game on Oct. 4 after a kicked ball went flying way off the field. After the balllanded in the bushes, the soccer hunk made his way in and successfully retrieved it! As you can see in the epic video, he sprints toward the trees, not wasting a moment! Seriously, talk about the coolest ball boy — ahem, man — ever.It’s beyond sweet to see Cristiano spending time with his little boy and supporting him at his own games! After all,we know that he hasbeen busy also spending time with his new reported girlfriend,Desire Cordero, 23. According to Spanish magazineCorazon, Cristiano met former Miss Spain on Instagram, and they’ve been dating for about a month. Since then, she’s reportedly been spotted at Cristiano’s estate — though neitherof them has actually stated that the two are romantically involved. We’re curious to see whether they will officially begin dating — they’d make a super hot couple!See More Pics Of Hunky Cristiano Ronaldo HereCristiano welcomed Cristiano Jr. back in 2010, andhe’s never revealed who the mother of his son is. In addition to reportedly seeing Desire, he’s also been spotted out withEiza Gonzalez, 26. And how can we forget thetime thatKim Kardashian, 35, hung out with Cristiano and liked him so much that she wanted to set him up with her younger sisterKendall Jenner, 20?! All we know is that whoever Cristiano dates next is a very lucky girl, indeed!


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