Niall Horan Slammed By Former One Direction Fan: ‘No One Cares’ About You Anymore

Uh oh! Niall Horan was BLASTED by a former One Direction fan during an interview on Oct. 4, telling the singer that ‘no one’ cared about him anymore! Curious to how he responded to the epic diss? Listen to the awkward interaction go down right here!Niall Horan, 24, was in high spirits when he stopped by theKyle & Jackie O Showon Oct. 4, but ended up receiving a major diss from a former One Direction fan. The awkward interaction began when a Canadian student called into the program, asking him who his dream golf partner would be. The fan didn’t seam to appeased about his response of “Steph Curry” (the basketball player). When the hosts asked the fan if she was going to brag about her conversation with Niall, she answered, “I’m sorry, but I live in Canada. No one really cares about it anymore.” Yikes!Despite the diss, Niall continued to laugh it off, also addressing his hot new single, “This Town,” which debuted on KISS FM on Oct. 29. “I wont say it’s about anyone in particular,”he confirmed, adding, “but you know if you come from a small town and you go away for a while and come back to the same town…everything comes back to you no matter how hard you try to get away from it.” In addition to his evolved, mature sound, the black-and-white video for the single also was released on Vevo, telling a story about a girl he just can’t let go of. We’re so impressed!One Direction: Reminisce On Their DaysAs A GroupIt was only a short while ago when Niall last dished about his “non-existant” love life, explaining howhis music careerhas kept himquite busy. In an interview withSirius XM, he revealed, “I’ve been busy sitting in studios, so I haven’t had time for that.” Things really seem to be turning out well for the crooner, who announced that he was going solo on Sept. 29, having signed with Capitol Records. He also admitted that 1D is NOT over by a long shot, so we can look forward to more epic songs by all the boys in the future!


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