Kelly Clarkson Reveals She Doesn’t Want More Kids

Kelly Clarksonsits down for an interview at the Build Series on Tuesday afternoon (October 4) at AOL HQ in New York City.The 34-year-old entertainer just revealed that she doesn’t want more kids. She is the mom toRiver Rose, 2, andRemington Alexander, 5 months, as well as the step-mom to husbandBrandon Blackstock‘s older children.“No! Unless someone dies and gives us their kids or something, no,”KellytoldE! News. “I hadmiserable pregnancies, that’s why.”“There is a giant difference between one kid andtwo, and then there’s an even bigger one: We have two older ones as well,”Kellysaid. “A lot of times we’ll have four kids in one house, so that’sa lot of kids—but, it’s good. It’s like 99 percent of the time is amazing and awesome. I didn’t grow up around my sisters or brothers…It’s a big family.”Kellyis currently promoting her new children’s book “River Rose and the Magical Lullaby,” which is available now.


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