Joe Jonas & Wilmer Valderrama: Demi Lovato’s Exes Enjoy Lunch Get Together: Awkward?

Awkward! Joe Jonas and Wilmer Valderrama were spotted grabbing lunch in Hollywood, and they seemed tobe having quite the convo. Does Demi Lovato know about this?We bet whenDemi, 23, woke up and started her day, she didn’t expect to see her ex boyfriends,Joe Jonas, 27, ANDWilmer Valderrama, 36, hanging out on Sept. 29. The duo was captured in West Hollywood grabbing some lunch, and Demi was nowhereis sight! And we have to point out that after seeing these pics, it’s clear Demi definitely has a type! Joe wore a clean, white shirt with a pair of graphic shorts and matching Adidas sneakers, Wilmer kept it cool and opted for a pair of jeans with a funky, tropical button-down. The boys might’ve dressed a little differently, but they both strutted down the sidewalk with a suave look and gelled hair. SO hot!Joe Jonas: See Pics Of The DNCE Singer HereThe pics also showed the two seemingly in conversation as they scoped the area for the best eatery. What could they have possibly been talking about? Okay, so pictures don’t actually say 1000 words in this case, but it wouldn’t be too far off to say they could talk about their common love interest to start. After all, they both dated Demi.While we still don’t know how lunch went, we’re sure it wasn’t super awkward, as the “Confident” singer reportedly has an amicablerelationship with both of them. Lovatics were crushed when Demi and Wilmer announced their split via Instagram in June 2016. Although the couple said it was an incredibly difficult decision” for both of them, they realized they were“better off as friends.”Joe and Demi, on the other hand, had a rockier relationship over the years. The formerCamp Rockcostars dated all the way back in 2010, and after their break up in May of that year, they found themselves at the center of tabloid reports about Joe being a player and Demi getting into fights with other girls over the singer. Yikes! But that’s all a thing of the past. The two have made up, and are now great friends! Demi is even on tour with Joe’s younger brotherNick, 23! Now sherefers to the whole Jonas crew as “family.” As for Demi’s current love life, she happens to have her eyes on the UFC’s Luke Rockhold,31! So we may have been overthinking it. Joe and Wilmer are just two buds who happened to date the same woman some time ago.


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