Priyanka Chopra Raves About Her Princess Dress & Twirling With Tom Hiddleston At Emmys

Swoon! Stunning Priyanka Chopra stopped by ‘The Tonight Show’ Sept. 21after her mind blowing presenting appearance with Tom Hiddleston at theEmmys. The ‘Quantico’ star dished on her amazing gown and how she just couldn’t stop twirling around in it all night!What a beauty!Priyanka Chopra, 34, dropped by to chat withJimmy Fallon, 42, and gushed about her recent Emmy Awards experience. He mentioned how he ran into her at the Emmys and said, “Not only were you funny & charming but gorgeous,” and did an impression of her twirling around in her red flowing gown.“I walked out with this big train and I did it for the first time cause it’s so pretty and I felt princessy and after I twirled once I was doing it all night! All of the photographers were asking me to twirl and thenonstage Tom made me twirland I was always only twirling. I’m the twirling dancing emoji now!” What a cutie. Sadly, she didn’t mention the allegedflirting and electric heat between the twoafterwards at the Governor’s Ball.Jimmy showed off a photo of her passport collection and it looked like the size of a novel! Priyanka revealed she goes through about one passport per year because she travels so much and that she has a grand total of nine full ones. She said she’s still getting used to living in New York where she shootsQuantico, as she misses her true home in Mumbai, India.Click for more pics of gorgeous PriyankaJimmy brought up how last time she was on the show they had a chicken wing eating contest and Pri shot back, “If I remember that challenge didn’t go well for you.” So Jimmy decided in the spirit of autumn that this time they’d go head to head in an apple bobbing contest! “Doesn’t that involve getting wet on international television?” the beautifully madeup Priyanka asked and Jimmy told her it doesif she wants to win. The ultra competitive actress said, “Oh I want to win!” so it was game on!“I just want to say I’m not American and I had no idea what this was until he told me,” she warned the audience before the competition got underway. She even joked Jimmy had an advantage since she’d never done it. With 20 seconds on the clock, she dipped her head into a barrel and was off like a speed demon! She managed to get five apples without even messing up her perfect lipstick! Next up was Jimmy’s turn and he epically failed! He even called it a “distaster” after he kept dunking hishead in too deep and didn’t get a single apple!Womp womp! She then showed him how it was done right!

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