Don King Drops The ’N Word’ On Live TV While Advocating For Donald Trump— Watch

“America needs Donald Trump,”Don King, 85,said while introducingDonald, 70, during a political event in a Cleveland, Ohio church on Sept. 21, perPoliticus USA. The infamous sports figure then went on a tangent that ultimately led him to dropping the n-bomb on live TV.“They told me…’you got to try to emulate and imitate the white man and then you can be successful,” Don said. “I toldMichael Jackson…’if you’re poor, you’re a poor n***o.’ I would use the n-word. But ‘if you’re rich, you’re a rich n***o. If you are intelligent, intellectual, you’re [an] intellectual n***o. If you’re a dancing and slighting and gliding n****.’” Uh-oh. King caught himself, saying “n***o,” before ending his bizarre introductionof the GOP presidential candidate.Donald Trump Protest — See Pics Of Those Who Don’t Want To ‘Make America Great Again’Having a speaker drop the n-bomb is probably the last thing Donald wanted, as the ex-Celebrity Apprenticestar is trying to reach out to black voters. Donald’s opponentHillary Clinton, 68, has a wide advantage with black voters, perKSBW, and these citizens could very well decide the next presidential election.Donald doesn’t have the greatest track recordwhen it comes with the African American community. He slammed the idea of puttingHarriet Tubmanon the $20 dollar bill as “purepolitical correctness” and he didn’t win any support after saying he wanted to do aBlack vs. White version ofThe Apprentice.Trump also came under fire for usingDwyaneWade’s, 34, personal tragedy to advance his political agenda. After D.Wade’s cousin,Nykea Aldridge, was gunned down in Chicago, Trump tweeted, “Just what I have been saying. African-Americans will VOTE TRUMP.” Voters quickly turned on him, callingDonald to apologize for his insensitive remarks. At least he didn’t drop the n-word the way Don King just did.


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