YouTuber Gabriel Conte Proposes To Instagram Model Jess Bauer – See Adorable Pic

Gabriel and Jess are engaged! The online sensations documented the whole thing on Instagram and we can hardly handle the cuteness! The hilarious YouTuber took to his photo-sharing page to share the amazing moment he asked her to marry him. In the photo, the two are standing (well, Gabriel is obviously on one knee) on a circular, patterned blanket on the beach. It was the perfect setting, as his guitar sat next to them, and he’s pictured gazing up at his bride-to-be! Although her back is turned in the photo you can just tell she has a look of shock on her face, as her hands appear like they’re placed over her mouth in surprise.

Aside from the memorable photo Gabriel’s sweet caption almost stole the show. He devoted a beautiful message to his lady in disbelief that it all happened so soon. He even cracked a joke that he didn’t expect for his “woman” to be all the way in Australia. LOL. Gabriel revealed how “Stoked” he is to marry Jess! It was so cute! Read the rest of his adorable caption here!
Right after, Jess posted her MASSIVE ring to Instagram and we are actually in AWE! She captioned the sweet photo, “I have no words, just the biggest smile on my face. My American, my love, my best friend, I love you so so much and I cannot wait to marry you!!!” AW!


4 thoughts on “YouTuber Gabriel Conte Proposes To Instagram Model Jess Bauer – See Adorable Pic

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