Amber Rose: Wiz Khalifa Recently‘Put His Sperm On My Face’ — Watch TMI Video


“This weekend I went to Charlotte, North Carolina to see my baby’s father perform along with Snoop and actually I’m still high…I don’t even smoke and I’m still high,”Amber Rose, 32, joked about going to visit her weed-loving ex-husband Wiz Khalifa, 28, while showing off photos of her in the audience with a great big smile on her face. That’s because she was on a serious mission to expand their family, and she shared the tale on The Amber Rose ShowJuly 29.“You know that we have Sebastian together,” she said of the former couple’s three-year-old son, “And I really, really want another baby, soI asked him for his sperm like I always doevery time I’m around him. And I’m like, he’ll probably give me some more sperm so we can have another baby,” she said, hopeful that she could give Bash a little brother or sister that shares the same daddy.Amber claims he gave her what she asked for, but not in the way where she could produce another child, delivering the punch line, “But instead he put his babies on my face, thanks Wiz!” Ewww, way too much information Amber! She probably just said it to get some good laughs from the audience, as they totally cracked up at her dirty joke.As adorable as Sebastian is, we can totally see why Amber would want another baby with Wiz, andthe two of them are such loving parents. They also get along so well now, which is a miracle after their nasty breakup. Who knows if Wiz will ever agree to having another baby with Amber, but we can definitely do without the details of his sperm facials.


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