Demi Lovato & Wilmer ValderramaBack Together Again: They’re ‘Trying’ To Make It Work


This is SUCH great news!Demi Lovato,23, andWilmer Valderrama, 36, just can’t quit each other, even though she announced thatthey were breaking up as a coupleto transition to being best friends.sotonzblog has learnedEXCLUSIVELY that they’re back together and trying to rekindle their six-year relationship as a couple. Keep reading for all the amazing details.“They’re trying again, meaning they’re back together and dating again. They did break up, as Demi’s announcement stated, but now they’re back together. It’s another Jelena situation,” a source tells sotonzblog EXCLUSIVELY. Whew, what a relief! We were beyond shocked when Demidropped the bombshell announcementthat they decided to end their six-year romance at the start of June, especially since all seemed well between the two and there were no outward signs of trouble between them.Demi shocked the world when she revealed, “After almost six loving and wonderful years together, we have decided to end our relationship. This was an incrediblydifficult decision for both of us, but we have realized more than anything that we arebetter as best friends. We will always be supportive of one another,” she wrote in an Instagram post that had her fans reeling.Click here for the cutest pics of Demi and Wilmer’s relationshipThe timing oftheir breakupseemed so out of the blue as the couple was last spottedat the Billboard Music Awardson May 22, so their June 3 announcement was more than a surprise. He was her biggest cheerleader in the audience when she performed and they seemed so solid together. Even back in Feb. Demi hintedshe’s love to be engaged to Wilmer, buteven without a ringthey were still so committed to each other. “I wouldn’t mind if I saw one, but there’s time for everything. We’ve been together this long, and obviously I’m not going anywhere and vice versa,” she revealedon The Ellen DegeneresShow.


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