Roman Reigns Suspended: WWE Superstar Caught Violating Wellness Policy

h no! WWE Superstar Roman Reigns – real name Joe Anoa’i – has officially been suspended from wrestling for the next 30 days after violating the company’s ‘wellness policy.’ See his devastated reaction, right here.
This is so disappointing, WWE fans! The legendary Roman Reigns, 31, has been suspended from fighting for the next 30 days on June 21. The wrestler, whose real name is Joe Anoa’i, was caught violating the company’s “wellness policy.” Here’s the scoop, and his heartfelt apology to his family and fans.

This is such a bummer! Roman had been on a winning streak, taking down wrestler after wrestler in a series of explosive matches until he lost his title at Money In The Bank on June 19. Unfortunately, he’s going to have to wait a month before taking on his next opponent and redeeming himself because he’s officially been suspended. WWE revealed that he violated their wellness policy, so he’s going to have to sit out for 30 days.

“I apologize to my family, friends and fans for my mistake in violating WWE’s wellness policy,” Roman tweeted to his followers. “No excuses. I own it.” Luckily this is Roman’s first violation of the policy. However, the WWE has not yet revealed what his violation was — it could be anything from marijuana use to something as serious as steroids.

Prior to the news, Roman had been crushing it lately. He beat AJ Styles in both WWE Payback and an epic battle at WWE Extreme Rules 2016. Plus he became the heavyweight champ when he defeated Triple H at WrestleMania 32. We’re sure he can’t wait to get back in the game and earn that title back after losing it on June 19. Hopefully he won’t make this mistake ever again!

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