Christina Grimmie’s Killer Identified: Kevin James Loibl Revealed As Orlando Gunman

Orlando Police have finally revealed the name of the man who shot and killed Christina Grimmie while she was signing autographs for fans.
Kevin James Loibl, 27, of St. Petersburg, Florida, has been identified by the Orlando Police Department as the ruthless gunman who took 22-year-old Christina Grimmie‘s life on Friday night, June 10. The Orlando PD released the gunman’s identity via Twitter, along with his mugshot, on June 11.
Orlando police have identified Kevin as the gunman who ended Christina’s life after her concert with Before You Exit on June 10, and learned that he was from St. Petersburg, Florida. During a press conference on June 11, Orlando police chief John Mina said that they had identified the killer, but were waiting to speak to Christina’s family before releasing his name. The police department had found no connection between Kevin and Christina prior to the shooting at that time.

The shooter allegedly walked past multiple fans to get closer to Christina before opening fire on her as she was signing autographs. As Christina was being shot, her brother, Marcus, bravely tackled the gunman to the ground in hopes of saving his sister’s life. Although Christina reportedly made it to the hospital, she did not survive the injuries sustained from the gunshots.

Once her brother tackled the shooter to the ground, he used the same gun to take his own life. Orlando Police held off on identifying the shooter until the day after the tragedy, Saturday, June 11.


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