Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande: Fan Creates Epic Song Mash-Up — Listen

This is INCREDIBLE! Thanks
to a talented fan, there’s an
epic mash-up of Justin Bieber’s
‘What Do You Mean?’ and
Ariana Grande’s ‘One Last
Time.’ You might not think the
songs go together, but prepare
to have your mind blown!
Listen here.
This is every Belieber and Arianators
dream! As if Justin Bieber’s “What Do You
Mean?” and Ariana Grande’s “One Last
Time” weren’t great enough on their own,
YouTuber Jake Marra made us love them
that much more. He blended the tracks
together to create a mash-up of the
songs, and you’ll be amazed at how
perfectly they fit together!
Jake posted the mashup on Sept. 1,
shortly after Justin’s hot track made
waves with fans across the globe. The
music connoisseur explained his logic
behind mixing the songs. “Really enjoying
the instrumental for Justin Bieber’s
latest single,” he wrote on YouTube. “So I
thought I’d make a quick mashup! Songs
are in the same key and same tempo, too
easy!” The mashup combines Ari’s angelic
vocals with the backing beat of “What Do
You Mean?” and it sounds SO good
Justin has had immense success with
“What Do You Mean?” since his teary
performance at the MTV VMAs. His sexy
music video has over 34 million views since
its debut, and he broke the Spotify
record for biggest first week for a single
globally and in the U.S. That’s HUGE!
The world is so ready for more Justin, and
thankfully his new album will drop Nov.
While we’re waiting for Justin’s album to
come out, Ariana hinted to fans on
Twitter that she would release new music
in October. So exciting! We would love for
Ari and Justin to collaborate because we
know they’re amazing together — this
mash-up proves it that much more!
What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers ? Do
you love the Justin/Ariana mash-up? Tell
us below!
— Julianne Ishler

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